Parenting in the age of the Coronavirus is a whole new game!

We know you're facing new parenting complexities and challenges and we've got your back. It's officially time to get back to what's truly essential. Over the upcoming months, we'll be focusing our podcast and webinars in support of parenting in these chaotic and uncertain times so you can have:

- More ease and harmony in your home
- Less sibling arguing and bickering
- More confidence so you'll know what to do in difficult situations
- Thriving kids even while being physically isolated from friends
- More cooperation and willingness to hang out with the family
- Less pressure to do so much and more permission to slow down
- More respectful and enjoyable interactions
- Homeschooling without ruining your relationship with them
- A closer relationship where things feel less strained and more fun
- Skills that crossover into your parenting partnership too!
Parenting 3.0 speaks to the core issue of parenting - the relationship we wish to have with our children and what it takes to raise a thriving human being. We cut through the noise to the essentials.
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Parenting 3.0 Five Essentials